VisuoMotor Training

Visuomotor:  vis-u-o-mo-tor Relating to the ability to synchronize visual information with physical movement. Examples range from driving a racecar, to riding a bicycle, or hitting a golf ball.

Visual Training for Drivers and Riders

Imagine driving with your eyes closed. Now imagine the eyesight of an eagle and the reactions of a big cat. That’s G vision. The only comprehensive sports visual training program specifically designed for racing drivers and riders.

A Proven Sports Vision Program 

G Vision is a specialized, scientifically proven sports vision performance training program for enhanced hand-eye coordination. Gordon Motorsports’ J. Gordon worked to develop this sports vision training system in the mid 1980’s alongside Dr. Robert Tanner, Director of Sports Vision at the University of Miami. Their goal was to develop and strengthen the overall relationship between the eyes, brain and body’s ability to enhance performance outcomes. This combination of visual, cognitive and motor skills is essential to high level performance. G Vision uses proprietary technology along with well-established eye exercises and drills to bring you what is likely the most extensive sports vision training program in motorsports

What is .2 seconds a lap worth to you?

Two-tenths of a second isn’t much time. Unless it’s part of your qualifying or lap speed. Then it can mean the difference between starting or finishing at the head of the pack. G Vision can consistently give you that two-tenths of a second no matter what you drive or ride.

Advantages On and Off Track

The G Vision program can also be tailored to the specific needs of corporate executives, tactical forces, clinical, medical, and rehabilitation providers. G Vision can be customized to address attention issues such as visual acuity, functional mobility, neurocognitive processing, stroke, driver re-training and other visual and motor issues such as baseline concussion testing, management and return to play.

The G Vision Program

Benefits of the G Vision program include:

  • Enhanced peripheral awareness, anticipation and reaction timing
  • Improved hand-eye coordination
  • Augmented efficiency in multi-tasking
  • Enhanced decision making under stress and pressure
  • Augmented speed and span of recognition
  • Improved ability to track multiple moving entities and objects
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Decreased stress effect
  • Heightened memory recall
  • Superior target accuracy

Here’s Where to Get G Vision Testing 

Have your most vital asset as a racing driver or rider, eye-hand coordination, tested and evaluated, and learn how to increase your ability to accurately process dynamic information at high speed.

You can get started right here, right now.