Team GMS

All the characters on Team GMS are passionate about what they do. Most have seat time in some type of racecar, and many ride motorcycles as well. Passion is a requirement that is clearly stated in anything we post when looking for new members, thus nobody is here strictly for the money.

Steve Elliott has worked with GMS in a variety of positions for nearly 30 years. Although semi-retired, Steve still serves GMS as a consultant and adds his expertise to special projects.

Jim Wilson handles GMS marketing communications and publicity. Jim is an advertising agency veteran and a long-time motorsports aficionado.

Gordon, our founder, started Gordon Motorsports (GMS) in 1982, as a privateer racer, owner and operator. His success as a driver, quickly caught the attention of Royale England / USA, a British sports racecar manufacturer. As his professional racing career peaked, he began working with production companies as a precision driver and technical director. More about Gordon here.

Lead Videographers
Our lead videographers, or “shooters,” understand racing as well as they understand cameras. They show up on time, set up quickly and unobtrusively, and know to work with your clients and track management personnel. Their experience means you get the footage you need without extensive supervision or hand-holding.

Jeremiah Baumbach had been creating award winning content for over a decade, when he joined our team in 2010. Jeremiah’s also a digital cinema instructor, and certified FCPX and Premiere editor.

Russell Bush, a GMS staffer since 1997, is a graduate electronics engineer, our chief trouble shooter,  videographer. In his rare off-hours, he enjoys mentoring young race drivers through our involvement with the Lights, Camera, Traction! Championship.

Easton Bush, Russell’s son, is also a GMS videographer. Easton achieved the rank of Eagle Scout during his youth.  Easton is also a novice driver and is currently mentored by his dad in the LCT Championship series.

Brian Liszcz joined Team GMS in 2011 and quickly advanced to be a lead videographer. Brian also volunteers as a LCT Championship mentor.

Nicholas Lombard joined us in 2003. Nick’s a still photographer, videographer and POV specialist. He’s also the GMS gadget guru and go-to tech guy. He’s equally comfortable and conversant with computers and cameras, both in the editing studio or on location.

Bruce Lombard, the father of Nicholas, is our equipment and resource “go to guy”. Bruce’s extensive background in the equipment business help GMS get the most out of it’s resources. Bruce is also one of the managing directors of LCT BackLot 27.

Cline Walters joined our videographers in 2005. He also acts as an assistant producer and hosts some GMS special events , Cline is also an award-winning BBQ chef.

Chris Sunter has been a GMS videographer since 2012. He also works on special projects and Lights, Camera, Traction! events.

We’re alway looking for passionate team members, so click here if you’re interested in getting involved.