Sponsored Drivers Always Win ~ Motorsports Campaign Marketing

Highly effective motorsports marketing best positions your campaign for success. When you are represented by GMS, you'll benefit from over 25 years of motorsports marketing experience. We'll polish and fine-tune your campaign in a way only achiveable by motorsports industry experts. 

Gordon Motorsports uses insider knowledge of the racing business to provide the best value in motorsports marketing. We will effectively create a brand for your campaign and give you the critical tools you need by successfully marketing your campaign. 

From driver webpage development to television exposure, we understand what it takes to create a powerful and successful motorsports campaign.
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GMS Film & Video Production

Gordon Motorsports is also your one-stop-shop for film and
video production and racecars. From precision driving and technical direction, to process vehicles and full HD broadcast production, we've got you covered. 

We have a proven track record as both a championship winning race team and as motorsports production experts. We combine the latest production technologies with experienced motorsports professionals to bring your ideas to life. 

Stunning graphics, creative filming and seamless editing all fuse together into interesting, dynamic productions. 
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