Professional racing team management:
Your team / Our experience / Winning strategies and tactics

Successful team managers and event promoters look to Gordon Motorsports for a professional and objective analysis of where their teams and tracks are strong and where they need improvement. They also rely on us to act as assistants and consultants as they implement the individualized programs we develop.

For drivers, riders and teams: Racecraft is only the starting line

We go beyond the obvious in driver development and coaching. Our Speediatrics program works to enhance a driver’s racecraft and a pit crew’s competence, of course. But we also develop an integrated program of conditioning, diet, and physical, mental and visual training. What’s more we help your driver develop the media skills, both on camera and off, that leads to increased and ongoing sponsorship. Sponsorship often supported by GMS SpeedReels, HeroReels, electronic press kits, and event documentaries that capture first races, victories and championships.

For promoters: We help fill seats and screens

Media exposure and publicity is what fuels a successful motorsports event. Gordon Motorsports can design, publicize, produce and obtain air time for your race, car show, or other special promotion. This turnkey service is what sets GMS apart in the areas we serve.