SpeediatricsYour Rx for Racing Success

Your success is our number one goal. So, whether our coaching system is right for you is something we’re happy to discuss with you. Our philosophy is simple. We’re only interested in  teams where our experience is a perfect fit. We network with other coaches and will gladly refer you where your needs will be best served. When you research coaches for your young driver, it pays to carefully evaluate your specific needs and goals.

The Speediatrics system focuses on two areas vital to the success of any developing race driver. The first is how the driver’s mind and body processes dynamic information. The second emphasizes what makes a driver attractive to corporate partners. Of course, there are many other areas where a driver can be coached. But these two areas have proven their worth over our nearly 40 years of helping drivers succeed. 

Grow Your Skills

Speediatrics can teach you and your team the on-and-off track skills necessary to take motorsports from a hobby to a career. Together, we sharpen your young driver’s performance on track, and teach them the skills needed to become the role model and corporate spokesperson today’s teams and sponsors demand.

Show Your Skills

We go beyond the obvious in driver development and coaching. We also develop an integrated program of conditioning, diet, and physical, mental and visual training. What’s more, we help your driver develop the media skills, both on and off camera, that leads to increased and ongoing sponsorship. This program is designed strictly for young drivers and the managers and families who want to help them succeed in the business, as well as the sport, of racing.

Speediatrics Anatomy of a Race Driver